Blankvoort en Jansen Translations and Copywriting gives you access to a team of dedicated lawyers who can provide you with translations in a number of different areas. We have extensive experience, mainly in the field of legal, financial and economic texts.

We know from experience that the work our clients engage in requires speed and flexibility, and is not tied to regular office hours. This is reflected in our own working method. Mark-ups can be quickly, easily and flexibly added in to an existing translation so that your texts remain up to date.

We can also translate HR, marketing, management, education and business texts into all accepted languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

For particularly urgent jobs, we can put together a specialist team at very short notice to provide you with an even faster and more efficient service.

And it goes without saying that your entire translation job will be coordinated and supervised by a single individual, given that a consistency in the use of language and terminology are essential. Managing partners Yvette Blankvoort and Bard Jansen will moreover be on-hand 24/7.

Further information:
If you have any further questions, you can send them to us on the contact form which you will find under ‘Contact’.